1 to 1.5 hours
No limit to clothing/prop/location changes other than time
Be prepared to move around, act silly, have fun! 
When you arrive, we will review clothing, accessories and props you bring with you. We'll also discuss what kind of look you want in your images. I always start a photo shoot with a few test shots to learn which angles of your face are the most flattering. It's a time to get comfortable with each other, adjust lighting, etc. in a no-stress way. 
I'll give you direction and help you make minor corrections to posture to ensure your images reflect what you envision. The directing process can be time-consuming, but is critical and the hallmark of a headshot photographer worth their salt.
I gladly take recommendations on locations you would like to go before the day of the shoot! If you want to go on private land, you must obtain permission from the landowner first.
 I often post sneak-peaks on Facebook as early as the same day of the shoot so check back often! You can expect an email with a link to the proofs within 7-10 business days. You will be able to download web-ready, watermarked images right away. My proofing site (pixieset) will also prompt you to choose your favorites to help you decide which images to order for printing. Pixieset is a one-stop shop where you can order prints from a reputable printer with extremely high color-balancing standards. Printing your web-ready photos at a local printer such as Walmart or CVS will result in grainy, pixelated prints. For not that much more, you can get superior prints with many exciting options such as canvas wrap and metal printing.

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