What was altered: This model is wearing a dance leotard with an attached ruffled skirt to one side. The skirt was hanging straight down in this shot so I used another image that had a bit more movement in the skirt then liquified the cutout in Photoshop. Added texture and toning.

What was altered: This car was under a carport somewhere between Gallatin and St. Joseph. The gravel in front of the car is from the original photo. Behind the car is a composite of three images. I added lots of clarity, a bit of contrast and a bit of dodge and burn.

What was altered: Cut out the young man in photoshop and placed him on a solid white background. Added another copy of the cutout and distorted it. Both cutout layers were masked and then unmasked using splatter brushes. I used a combination of two or three splatter brushes with varied size. I then added fog using a simulated fog brush or two. Added some shading .

What was altered: This was taken in a cemetery so I removed one or two headstones in the background. The scarf used was very short and had tangled fringe. The client wanted the scarf to float so I had an assistant hold up the short scarf. I took out the assistant and lengthened the scarf in photoshop. This is a composite of three images.

What was altered: Remember the blue dress above? The shadow is also the blue dress/leotard. I cutout an image of the same girl leaping in the blue leotard. Slightly distorted size and shape of the cutout, than added the layer to the original. Filled the cutout with black then adjusted the opacity. I fixed a few bricks and removed debris from the grass. Enhanced the existing vignette caused by an off camera flash.

CAUTION: A powder shoot must be done correctly as most fine powder is flammable!

What is altered: A lot...A foot was cut off so I stole one from another image from the shoot. I added the lights with photoshop brushes set to 50% opacity. The powder is real. It's actually flour. I dodge and burned here and there. Added the light reflection at the bottom. It's actually my garage floor. Upped the contrast to enhance the flour. Added split toning with Color Efex Pro 4 to make it pink. Powder shoots are really fun and really messy!

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